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Take your company to Enterprise Excellence through the appropriate application of Artificial Intelligence (including Deep Learning), Business Intelligence and Process/Robotic Automation.

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Enterprise Excellence

Transformation needs to be DigitAllWorkers. We connect all areas and processes in your business so it achieves enterprise excellence and provides the best ROI on all of its operations.

Fast Results

Projects’ ROI is demonstrated since the first tests. By using our own methodology, along with a dynamic and scalable platform, solutions are adjusted to your business.

Cutting-edge Technology

DigitAllWorkers’ experts contribute to the state-of-the-art and apply their technical ideas to your needs, so you can leverage the cutting edge of the technology to develop your business.

Visibility and Control

Our initiatives aim at your business results. That’s why results are constantly measured and used in a continuous improvement process executed on our platform.

DigitAllWorkers Transformation

DigitAllWorkers builds with you this new era of your business. We help to define which technologies to use and how they can effectively contribute to change and improve your business. Demystifying that process and making technology really work for you is part of our job!

We rethink your processes and make those technologies intrinsic to your business, adding a technology layer to the DNA of your company. That is all done quickly, so your business transforms now.


DigitAllWorkers Transformation is instrumental to the business environment improvement because it delivers agility and growth through faster decisions, which are based on information and data that each process provides, supported by the most advanced AI tools.

Robotic Automation

Robotic Process Automation. We replace manual operations by robots capable of mimicking the operators’ tasks and decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

We apply artificial intelligence all over our platform to improve processes and provide new user experiences.

Workflow Automation

BPM is the foundation of our methodology and transformation platform. All decisions, either human or artificial, are supported by value measurements and modelled with BPMN.

Deep Learning

It’s applied in such a way as to make processes evolve according to your operation history. New decisions may be automatically detected and incorporated to the platform.

Our Delivery

Automatizing is not enough. It is necessary to aggregate to your organization a digital transformation model which is adherent to its core, as well as validate the best and most efficient ways of starting up the digital transformation journey.

That journey allows for a change from a traditional model to the new digital era, thus translating in a practical and tangible manner the operational excellence which results in infinite productivity and costs tending to zero with maximum quality and performance. We will embark on that digital transformation journey with you.

Our Platform

We apply technologies such as AI, RPA and Deep Learning to create a process automation platform based on the best BPM practices. That’s why we can apply, to any process, automation rules associated with neural network models aiming the creation of more autonomous, intuitive processes.

We can successfully apply digital transformation in a simple and fast way, generating indicators through process monitoring and respective results.


DigitAllWorkers has experience in processes from several areas. Financial, Human Resources, Management, Insurance, Customer Relationship, Logistics and many more. Among our platform’s capabilities we can highlight:

Workflow Automation

BPMN diagrams are used to define how the solution should behave. That approach closes the gap between the business areas and the technology solution.


Rule Automation

Rules engine capable of incorporating business decisions in a diagram.



We create new interaction experiences with your business by using intelligent chatbots.

Personalized Experience

The whole user interface is customizable and may be adjusted to promote maximum productivity and precision for process interaction.


Interfaces responsivas ou aplicativos dedicados podem ser utilizados para interagir com os processos.



Information flows over security protocols and may be kept inside the customer network for on-premise setups.


Systems Integration

Whether applications are an on-premise or cloud, web or desktop, our platform allows seamless integration even when they were not designed for that, by simulating manual tasks.

Email integration

Emails may be monitored to start new processes, notify or create automatic interactions with the users.


SLA Control

The platform allows for monitoring and control through components in the diagram itself.


All operations performed on the platform are auditable and may be collected in personalized reports.

Seamless Integration

Modularized and with a service based architecture, the platform may be easily integrated to other systems.

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